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 </​html>​ </​html>​
 =====MantaMatcher Wiki===== =====MantaMatcher Wiki=====
-This Wiki contains useful documentation for the ECOCEAN ​Library. ​+This Wiki contains useful documentation for the MantaMatcher ​Library. MantaMatcher is a collaborative,​ mark-recapture software platform for studying giant mantas (//Manta birostris// and //Manta alfredi//).
 ==== Field Manual ==== ==== Field Manual ====
-[[field_manual_overview_and_purpose|1. Overview ​of the database]]\\ +[[field_manual_overview_and_purpose|1. Overview]]\\ 
-[http://​www.mantamatcher.org/​overview.jsp|2. ​Overview of manta species] +[[http://​www.mantamatcher.org/​overview.jsp|2. ​Manta species]]\\ 
-[[managing_encounters_and_mantas|3. Managing encounters and mantas]]\\ +[[http://​www.mantamatcher.org/​overview.jsp|3. Photographing mantas]]\\ 
-[[approving_an_encounter|4. Approving or rejecting an encounter]]\\ +[[managing_encounters_and_mantas|4. Managing encounters and marked individuals]]\\ 
-[[sharkgrid|5. Comparing patterns]]\\ +[[approving_an_encounter|5. Approving or rejecting an encounter]]\\ 
-[[searching|6. Searching through the Library]]\\ +[[comparing_patterns|6. Comparing patterns ​(MantaMatcher Algorithm & Visual Matcher)]]\\ 
-[[faqs|7. FAQs]]\\+[[searching|7. Searching through the Library]]\\ 
 +[[faqs|8. FAQs]]\\
 **Other topics**\\ **Other topics**\\
-[[tapirlink|TapirLink,​ the GBIF, and the ECOCEAN ​MantaMatcher Library]]\\+[[tapirlink|TapirLink,​ the GBIF, and the MantaMatcher Library]]\\
 [[photo_keywords|List of Photo Keywords (Tags)]]\\ [[photo_keywords|List of Photo Keywords (Tags)]]\\
 [[locationID|List of Location IDs]]\\ [[locationID|List of Location IDs]]\\
-[[http://​www.ecoceanusa.org/​shepherd|Shepherd Project ​features, updates, and maintenance]]\\ +[[batch_upload|Batch upload: uploading large quantities of data]]\\ 
-[[Feature Requests]]+[[http://​www.ecoceanusa.org/​shepherd|Wildbook ​features, updates, and maintenance]]\\ 
 +[[Feature Requests]]\\ 
 +[[Roles and security]]
-==== ECOCEAN ​Library Policies ==== +==== MantaMatcher ​Library Policies ==== 
-[[ECOCEAN ​Library Access Policy]]\\ +[[MantaMatcher ​Library Access Policy]]\\ 
-[[Visitor Agreement|ECOCEAN ​Library Visitor Agreement]]\\ +[[Visitor Agreement|MantaMatcher ​Library Visitor Agreement]]\\ 
-[[User Agreement|ECOCEAN ​Library User Agreement]]\\+[[http://​www.mantamatcher.org/​userAgreement.jsp|MantaMatcher ​Library User Agreement]]\\
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